Content Marketing

We are a content marketing team passionate about making content creation simple, relevant and accessible for everyone and any business looking to grow their audience and their community.

At Credentech, we believe the fastest way to learn something is to experience it. This allows the process to become second nature for everyone in your company. Hence, we believe in keeping it so simple and fun, you’ll be creating your own contents in no time!

We focus on you

The best kind of contents are genuine, conversational and gives people an idea about what your business stands for. We learn what makes you pop and gives your business a personality that will be hard to ignore.

  • Business Assessment Workshop
  • Target Audience Analysis

We build momentum

Content works best when the time, place, audience, setting and tone are right, not when it's most convenient. We make sure everything works in your favour to create contents that stand out!

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Growth & Hashtag Strategy

We observe what works

Now your creations are out there, you want to know how well it is received and what do people think. Should you change your tone? Perhaps there are current trends you can be part of? We will work with you as partners and as a team to provide these insights to you.

  • Content Creation - Copywriting
  • Content Schedule
  • Bi-weekly Progress Check

We help you do it on your own

We deeply believe the creation and production of contents should be everyone’s responsibility. It should be ingrained, habitual and natural for everyone within the company to be the storyteller of your business.

  • Handover Workshop
  • New Digital Assets
  • Personalised Content Layout
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